What are the medication restrictions for the Alcat Test?

It is not necessary to postpone testing if, despite medication use, inflammatory symptoms persist. However, to the extent medication can be reduced prior to testing, the patient should do so, under the supervision of a healthcare provider.

If the individual is taking a medication on a long-term basis without the possibility of discontinuing it, the results would be reflective of his/her current status while taking that medication. If a medication is taken short term and the individual has been advised by his/her practitioner to discontinue it, it would be best to wait 2 weeks after the medication is discontinued. It is generally necessary to have a white blood cell (WBC) count to be greater than 3500 per microliter in order to have enough cells to test. If a sufficient WBC quantity is a concern, it might be best to have an extra tube or two of blood drawn. 

If possible, do not take any medications at least 4 hours before blood draw.

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